8081 aluminum has many properties that make it very useful in the manufacture of components for the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. Our customers request this specific alloy for its high strength, fatigue resistance, and toughness. The high composition of tin makes 8081 much denser than other alloys of aluminum. 8081 is also known for its ability to undergo heat treatment, its corrosion resistance, and how it can be used to produce composite materials.

At Inquivix Technologies, we supply industrial-grade 8081 in gauge, width, length, and tempering as specified by our customers. We utilize state-of-the-art facilities with strict quality control procedures to ensure all our aluminum products are manufactured to the industry standard and meet client expectations. Our products can be customized to suit specific industrial applications and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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Material Properties Of 8081 Aluminum

High Tensile Strength And Corrosion Resistance

Among the many aluminum alloys used for making coils, 8081 is one of the densest due to its high tin content. This gives it many useful properties like improved strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance. Furthermore, 8081 aluminum has high corrosion resistance and anti-friction properties, which makes it suitable for automotive bearings.

Can Undergo Heat Treatment And Tempering

Like many other coil products of aluminum alloys, 8081 can undergo heat treatment to further improve its strength. This will alter the mechanical properties, and add other useful characteristics by reconfiguring the structure of the alloy. 8081-T6 is a widely used tempered state of the alloy manufactured through heat treatment.

Manufacturing Flexibility

8081 aluminum has other advantages like workability, making it easy to be changed into whatever shape the end product needs to be. Its machinability and weldability properties are also very high, allowing our customers to customize the 8081 coils we supply for their specific needs. 8081 can also be extruded to form the specific cross-sectional profile required.

Ability To Make Composite Materials

8081 can also be used to form composite materials to further improve their properties like hardness, strength, wear resistance, and temperature resistance while lowering the density of the material. Composite materials made using 8081 have many advantages over traditional materials, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.

ElementPercentage By Weight
Aluminum (Al)79%
Tin (Sn)18 – 22%
Copper (Cu)0.7 – 1.3%
Silicon (Si)0 – 0.7%
Iron (Fe)0 – 0.7%
Manganese (Mn)0 – 0.1%
Titanium (Ti)0 – 0.1%
Zinc (Zn)0 – 0.05%

Types of Aluminum Alloy Scraps

Width (mm)100 – 2800
Thickness (mm)0.2 – 300
LengthAs Required
Tempered StateO/T6


Operations Manager, Beverage Company

We’ve had a great partnership with Inquivix Technologies from the beginning. They have ensured that every batch of aluminum we received is of the same superior quality. The timely delivery of their products has greatly helped in keeping our production schedule on track.

Production Manager, Consumer Goods Company

Inquivix Technologies has been an exceptional supplier of aluminum that has consistently met our quality standards. Their on-schedule delivery, great customer service, and commitment to excellence have earned our trust and continued partnership.

Purchasing Manager, Packaging Industry

Inquivix Technologies has been an incredible partner as an aluminum supplier for our packaging operations. Working with them has allowed us to consistently meet our production timelines. Their customer service is outstanding, with a knowledgeable and responsive team. Overall, Inquivix Technologies has been an indispensable partner in our success, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration for many years to come.

Quality Control Technician, Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Inquivix Technologies undoubtedly stands out as one of the best suppliers we have worked with. They ensure that the products are high-quality and are always delivered on time, so that our production timeline is never compromised in any way.

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What Is 8081 Aluminum Alloy?

8081 is one of the alloys of aluminum which contains a high amount of tin in its composition. This composition makes 8081 much denser than other alloys, making it very strong, resistant to fatigue, and in general very tough. 8081 is very workable and has high corrosion resistance. Its strength can also be through heat treatment and by using it to form composite materials.

What Is 8081 Aluminum Coil Used For?

The impressive strength, fatigue resistance, as well as various other characteristics of 8081 aluminum, make it very useful in automotive, aerospace, defense, and construction industries.

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