3003 Aluminum Coil

3003 is one of the most commonly used aluminum manganese alloys used in the world today. Being a wrought alloy, 3003 aluminum is commonly rolled and extruded, but not manufactured through casting. While other aluminum alloys like 6061 can be heat treated to increase tensile strength, 3003 is not suitable for this. Instead, it can be cold-worked through mechanical distortion to improve its strength.

All Inquivix Technologies 3003 coils are made to the highest industrial standards. They are the cost-effective choice for a wide variety of sheet metal applications, pressure vessels, furniture components, refrigerator panels, vehicle radiators, as well as heating and cooling systems in buildings. Send us your requirements, and we can supply our 3003 aluminum coils to the width, gauge, and tempered grading you need.

3003 Alloy Coil Applications


Gutters, Roofing, Siding, Downspouts


Storage Tanks


Heat Exchangers, Radiators, HVAC Systems


Cooking Utensils

Material Properties Of Aluminum 3003 Alloy Coil

Moderate Strength

The wrought aluminum manganese family 3xxx is 20% stronger than the 1xxx series of the introduction of manganese. 3003 is popularly known as a general-purpose alloy with moderate strength. Our 3003 coils can be cold-worked to further improve their strength. This involves rolling and hammering processes that will produce tempers. The designation of the tempers is based on the method used during the hardening process. These tempered materials are stronger but have lower ductility than the untempered 3003 products.

Exhibits Good Formability And Weldability

Aluminum 3003 is commonly rolled and extruded to produce coils or various other cross-sectional profiles specified by the customer for its intended application. The unique bending properties of the 3003 alloy coil make it extremely formable, making it easy for our customers to shape the coil into the final product they need. It’s also high in weldability, and can even be welded to other aluminum-based alloys like 6061 and 5052.

Good Corrosion Resistance

Like many of its counterparts, coil from aluminum 3003 alloy has good corrosion resistance. This is why so many of our customers use it to manufacture fuel storage tanks as well as roofing, gutter, and siding applications.

Thermal Conductivity

3003 alloy’s thermal properties make it very useful for manufacturing a wide range of heating and cooling systems. These include air-conditioning condensers, car radiators, ventilation pipes, and heat exchanger systems.

Chemical Composition Of 3003 Aluminum Alloy

1050 Aluminum Sheet
ElementPercentage By Weight
Aluminum (Al)96.8 – 99%
Manganese (Mn)1.0 – 1.5%
Iron (Fe)0 – 0.7%
Silicon (Si)0 – 0.6%
Manganese (Mn)0 – 0.05%
Copper (Cu)0.05 – 0.20%
Zinc (Zn)0 – 0.1%

Technical Specifications of 3003 Aluminum Alloy Coil

Width (mm)40 – 1600
Thickness (mm)0.5 – 150
LengthAs Required
Tempered StateO/H12/H14/H16/H18/H19
Aluminum Sheet Products from Inquivix Technologies


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What Is 3003 Aluminum Alloy?

3003 is an alloy of aluminum made by introducing primarily manganese, which increases its strength. 3003 is considered a general-purpose alloy that has a moderate level of strength but can be manufactured in various forms due to its bendability. Its strength can be improved by cold working through hammering and rolling. The alloy is also very weldable and resistant to corrosion.

What Is 3003 Aluminum Coil Used For?

Aluminum 3003 coils can be used in a variety of applications such as storage tanks, car radiators, cookware, as well as heating & cooling systems in buildings. Furthermore, the 3003 coils can be used for making roofing, siding, gutters, and downspouts.

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