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South Korea’s leading distributor and exporter is at the forefront of technological advancement. We connect you with the finest aluminum products, cutting-edge semiconductor equipment, and essential raw materials. Experience the blend of unmatched quality, reliability, and service that drives industries forward. Partner with us and be part of a future crafted on excellence and trust.

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Inquivix Technologies stands as a beacon of international trade, proudly exporting an extensive range of premium products from South Korea to businesses across the globe. Our catalog now encompasses the finest semiconductor parts and equipment, high-quality aluminum and steel products, and essential raw materials like ingots and slabs. As a pivotal link in the supply chain of various industries, we are rooted in South Korea with a robust, well-connected global distribution network ensuring seamless and timely operations.

South Korea’s reputation for technological advancements, manufacturing excellence, and stringent quality standards is well-earned, and at Inquivix Technologies, we bring this ethos to every product we distribute. Whether it’s the precise craftsmanship in our semiconductor products, the resilience in our steel and aluminum offerings, or the purity of our raw materials, our customers benefit from the exceptional quality, precision, and reliability that are hallmarks of the Korean manufacturing industry.

Explore Our Diverse Range of Industrial Products

The Trusted Industrial Distributor to the Manufacturing Industry

Aluminum Products

Discover our aluminum offerings, featuring sheets, coils, and extrusions, renowned for their strength, versatility, and quality. Ideal for various applications, our aluminum products set industry benchmarks.

Semiconductor Parts & Equipment

Dive into our extensive range of semiconductor components, known for their precision and reliability. From advanced quartz products to state-of-the-art semiconductor equipment, we empower technological innovation.

Steel Products

Explore our steel products, which are recognized for durability and adaptability. Our steel range includes high-quality plates, rods, and beams, catering to diverse industrial requirements.

Raw Materials

Browse through our selection of raw materials, including premium-grade ingots and slabs, crucial for manufacturing and construction projects. Our commitment to purity and quality ensures optimal performance.

Each product category in our portfolio is carefully selected to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and innovation. Combining our deep industry knowledge with a commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction makes Inquivix Technologies your ideal partner for industrial growth and success. Our website provides detailed insights into each product, ensuring you make informed decisions for your business needs.

Seamless Worldwide Delivery

Sourced from South Korea and shipped to anywhere in the world.

We have an extensive distribution network, enabling us to serve customers across the globe. As an international distributor of semiconductor equipment, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver our products anywhere in the world to ensure that our customers’ needs are fulfilled. 

With strategic partnerships and collaborations, we have established a strong supply chain that allows us to seamlessly ship and deliver our products on schedule. From our base in South Korea, we ship our high-quality industrial products to customers worldwide.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond borders. From order placement to delivery, our team is ready to serve and support you, regardless of your location. 

Industries We Serve

Serving industries that are fuelling the world economy.


We provide reliable and efficient solutions that meet the most demanding requirements of the aerospace industry. Our industry-grade aluminum products are designed to deliver high-performance and durable solutions for a wide range of applications.


For the automotive industry, we supply lightweight, strong, and durable aluminum products that contribute to the production of safe and reliable vehicles. We have a network of manufacturers to be able to provide a continuous supply for the high demand in the automotive industry.

Consumer Electronics

Our semiconductor equipment, quartz components, and rechargeable battery components empower manufacturers in the consumer electronics industry. Our industrial product solutions enable the creation of reliable products that deliver superior performance.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

The products we supply to the healthcare sector are made to the strictest standards of safety and reliability. They are used in the manufacturing of medical equipment that is used in various applications in the healthcare sector.

Industrial Manufacturing

As a leading aluminum supplier to manufacturing companies, we offer a wide range of aluminum alloy products designed with precision and durability to meet the highest industry standards. Our high-quality products meet the highest industry standards set by the manufacturers.


We are the trusted supplier of industrial-grade aluminum products to the construction industry. Our high-quality aluminum products provide our customers with the structural materials needed to complete projects of any size or scope.


From aluminum cans to foil, our products are ideal for a range of packaging applications in food processing services. We provide high-quality food-grade aluminum alloys used in manufacturing packaging products from food containers to soda cans.

Renewable Energy

We provide aluminum alloys used in secondary battery components that are an important part of the renewable energy sector, providing reliable and efficient energy storage for residential solar projects to wind farms. 

Ship Building

We supply corrosion-resistant and high-strength aluminum products to shipbuilders worldwide. Industry-grade aluminum alloys have become the material of choice for shipbuilders to construct vessels that are lighter, faster, stable, and more fuel efficient.

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We offer semiconductor components, rechargeable batteries, and Aluminum-based alloys.

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We offer semiconductor components, rechargeable batteries, and Aluminum-based alloys.

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Why Choose Us

Reliable Partner for Industrial Products and Semiconductor Solutions

Dependable Distributor

We distribute high-quality industrial products that meet strict industry standards ensuring that you receive durable and superior materials along with reliable service. 

Innovative Solutions

Our collaborations with leading manufacturers allow us to provide you with innovative solutions that cater to your business needs.

Transparent and Trustworthy

From the initial inquiry to the final delivery, our communication lines stay open while providing detailed information on the products and shipments.

Exceptional Customer Service

We take time to understand your unique requirements delivering personalized solutions to meet your goals and objectives.

Global Reach

With our well-established global distribution network, we deliver your orders promptly and efficiently anywhere in the world.

Wide Product Portfolio

We offer a wide range of products including a variety of industry-grade functional water and gas systems, semiconductor equipment, and quartz components.

Our Mission

Inquivix Technologies is committed to providing high-quality Korean industrial products that enable our customers to create the technologies of tomorrow. We strive to be the trusted distribution partner for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, offering unmatched expertise and customer service. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, always putting our customer’s needs first. 

With our focus on quality, we source and export premium industrial-grade semiconductor materials and parts, reliable semiconductor equipment, and high-quality quartz products from South Korea. We partner with industry leaders in manufacturing to offer the latest technology and solutions to our customers.

Our success is tied to the success of our clients. Therefore, our services and operations are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We strive to become an invaluable asset to our clients, their businesses, and operations. 

We foster long-lasting partnerships built on trust, transparency, and exceptional service. Our dedicated team of professionals is always ready to provide personalized support and guidance, ensuring your unique requirements are met with precision and care.

Our Headquarters: Incheon, South Korea

Inquivix Technologies has its headquarters strategically located at the Songdo BRC Smart Valley Knowledge Industrial Center in Songdo International City, Incheon – the central hub of international business in South Korea. Situated within the Incheon Free Economic Zone, we are positioned at the heart of international business opportunities.

The Incheon Free Economic Zone provides us with a competitive advantage through its state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-connected transportation links, and business-friendly environment. This advantageous location allows us to efficiently serve our clients worldwide.

Committed to meeting the ever-evolving needs of the industries and our clients, we continuously invest in new technologies and expand global reach.


What our customers say about us…


Tech Company

Inquivix Technologies has been a reliable partner in supplying us with high-quality ozone water systems and quartz consumables for our manufacturing process. Their high-quality products and great customer service are why we continue to work with them.

Head of Operations

Semiconductor Manufacturer

They are our go-to supplier for quartz etcher disks for our manufacturing. The products sourced for us have met the quality standards that we follow. Inquivix Technologies has been a reliable supplier, always communicating until we got our shipments.

Senior Project Manager

Construction Company

The industrial-grade semiconductor equipment supplied by Inquivix Technologies has always met our standards and performance requirements. Their commitment to quality and customer service makes them a reliable industrial products partner for us.

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