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Functional Gas Systems

Our Functional Gas Systems are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. We have systems that produce Functional gases in high-purity levels at a high-flowrate. Our systems are equipped with state-of-the-art control, monitoring, and safety features. We also provide the technical support needed to properly install, operate and maintain our systems.

Various processes in the manufacturing industry use Ozone, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Zero-Air or a combination of them. These gases are used to treat water or make Functional Water used in industrial cleaning processes. Especially in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, it is essential for wafer cleaning and many other applications. There are many other applications for Functional Gases.

We have extensive experience in providing solutions and systems to meet the needs of the industry. We provide a wide range of products and services to ensure reliable supply and safe use of Functional Gases. Our quality control system guarantees consistent performance, and our technical staff can provide the necessary assistance to ensure that the Functional Gas Systems are properly implemented and maintained.

Our Products

At Inquivix Technologies, we offer a range of Functional Gas systems that are designed to meet the diverse needs and budgets of our customers. Our products are primarily intended for use in industrial and commercial settings, particularly in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. They can also be utilized in a variety of industries, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical processes. Our functional gas supply units come with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

Ozone Water Destruction System

The Ozone Water Destruction System with its 400% UV reflection technology is adept at destroying impurities in water used for industrial cleaning. It has the ability to produce ozonated water in varying concentrations from 10ppm to 100ppm. Being able to mount vertically or horizontally, its small footprint, about 75% smaller than standard systems, makes it suitable for factories of any size. It can be operated remotely and comes with alarms.

[H3] H2 + N2 + Zero-Air Supply System

H2 + N2 + Zero-Air Supply System

If you’re looking for a system that offers improved resolution and detection limit, the H2 + N2 + Zero-Air Supply System might be just what you need. This machine provides high-pressure stability. The system has an independent source of Hydrogen, N2, and Zero Air, meaning you can customize the gas blend to meet your specific needs. And, with the ability to control the system from a PC, phone, or tablet, you can easily monitor and adjust it remotely.

Zero-Air Supply System

This system is an independent source of Zero-Air that is available 24/7 without any contamination. It is easy to handle and can be remote-controlled through a computer or a phone which helps the operations run smoothly. It features an internal leak test and automatic shut-down that guarantees safety. This has different models with outflows of 40, 80, and 120 liters per minute.

Nitrogen Gas Supply System

This system extracts Nitrogen from compressed air while removing HC, CH4, and CO2. The remaining particulates are filtered down to 0.01µm. It operates with almost no noise and does not need complicated handling. It can be operated remotely with a computer or a smartphone. This system can produce Nitrogen with a purity level of up to 99.9%. This system also has CE/ UL Certification.

Hydrogen Gas Supply System

This system features a High Flow/High Purity Hydrogen generator based on Solid Polymer Electrolyte (PEM) cell technology. It generates 99.99% pure Hydrogen at 1 to 4 Nl/min output flow. This has internal leak-testing and automatic shutdown features to ensure safety as well as CE/UL certification. It also supports SECSII/GEM connection standards.

Ozone Gas Supply System

This Ozone supply system generates ozone in high concentrations with high flow rates. The concentration and flow rates can be varied according to specific requirements, making it a top choice for a variety of industries including semiconductor manufacturing. The system’s small footprint makes it easier to set up as well as integrate into existing systems. Our Ozone Gas Supply system is CE/UL certified and supports SECSII/GEM connection standards.

How Inquivix Technologies Will Help You

Free Consultation To Find The Right System

Our team of experts is ready to help you select the most appropriate functional gas system that suits your needs and improves your operations. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff who can accurately evaluate your technical needs and offer advice on the most suitable product for your specific application at competitive prices. Best of all, our consultations are free of charge.

Aftersales Support

At Inquivix Technologies, we’re here to help with any inquiries or issues you might have regarding our products. Our team is focused on delivering exceptional customer service and can assist you with resolving technical problems, providing technical guides, and giving guidance on saving costs and product warranties. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and making sure you have a positive customer experience. You can count on us to be there for you whenever you require our support.

Packaged And Delivered Anywhere In The World

We offer multiple options for international shipping, including standard and expedited delivery. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the option that works best for you. Our expert team will take care of everything from packing to tracking your shipment’s progress until it arrives at your doorstep. You can stay informed every step of the way with live tracking information.

Design and Engineering

We have sophisticated software that enables us to create customized systems tailored to your exact requirements. Our team of engineers can provide you with effective solutions whether you need a simple small-scale system or a large and intricate installation. We offer support and maintenance services* to keep your system functioning as expected. Furthermore, if any new developments arise, we can suggest upgrades and improvements.

*Within South Korea

Why Choose Inquivix Technologies

Customized Solutions

Our experts know that every business has different needs, so we take the time to learn about those needs and create customized solutions to meet them. As part of our services, we offer development, maintenance, installation, upgrades, and more for functional gas systems.

Durable And Long-Lasting Products

Our gas systems are made to last and are dependable, offering efficient service and satisfaction for years to come. We also offer routine maintenance to help keep your system working at its best. All of our products are designed and crafted with quality, durability, and longevity in mind.

Product Quality Assured

We ensure the highest standards of quality for our products by strictly following industry-accepted manufacturing processes and using certified materials. You can trust that your functional gas system is of the best quality possible, thanks to our commitment to excellence.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our goal is to offer excellent customer service that covers quick replies, friendly and knowledgeable personnel, and useful guidance. We provide a satisfaction guarantee for our products to give you peace of mind while making a purchase. You can reach out to our customer service team to ask any questions regarding our products and services.

Cost-Effective And Sustainable Solutions

We know that price is an important consideration for choosing a gas system, and we make sure to offer dependable options at a reasonable cost. Our products are created to operate efficiently and last a long time, which means long-lasting savings for you.

Flexible Shipping Options

At Inquivix Technologies, we make it a top priority to ship our products to our customers in a timely and secure manner. To accomplish this, we work together with a network of highly rated manufacturers and logistics partners all over the world. Our functional gas supply products are accessible globally, and we provide various shipping options that include real-time order tracking. You can depend on us to deliver your products promptly and in excellent condition – we are a trustworthy partner.


Operations Manager, Beverage Company

We’ve had a great partnership with Inquivix Technologies from the beginning. They have ensured that every batch of aluminum we received is of the same superior quality. The timely delivery of their products has greatly helped in keeping our production schedule on track.

Production Manager, Consumer Goods Company

Inquivix Technologies has been an exceptional supplier of aluminum that has consistently met our quality standards. Their on-schedule delivery, great customer service, and commitment to excellence have earned our trust and continued partnership.

Purchasing Manager, Packaging Industry

Inquivix Technologies has been an incredible partner as an aluminum supplier for our packaging operations. Working with them has allowed us to consistently meet our production timelines. Their customer service is outstanding, with a knowledgeable and responsive team. Overall, Inquivix Technologies has been an indispensable partner in our success, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration for many years to come.

Quality Control Technician, Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Inquivix Technologies undoubtedly stands out as one of the best suppliers we have worked with. They ensure that the products are high-quality and are always delivered on time, so that our production timeline is never compromised in any way.


What Is Zero-Air?

Zero-Air is a special grade of air that has been purified to very low levels for use in gas systems. It is free from many contaminants, including water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other hydrocarbons.

What Is CE/UL Certification?

The CE certification is when a product is suitable for sale in the European Union because it meets its safety standards and requirements. UL means the product meets the standards of Underwriters Laboratories, a private safety testing organization. This means products with a CE/UL certification are safe to operate and use.

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