1100 Aluminum Coil

With over 99% aluminum, 1100 is another one of the commercially pure alloy types used widely today. 1100 is not high in tensile strength and is considered soft compared to alloys from other series. This gives it excellent forming characteristics, allowing manufacturers to produce a wide variety of differently shaped products from fin stock used in heat exchangers to cooking utensils.

Our aluminum 1100 coils can be manufactured to customer specifications and delivered anywhere in the world at cost-effective prices. Tempering can also be done to ensure the coils are manufactured to the desired tensile strength or any other mechanical properties the customer desires. Inquivix Technologies is also capable of supplying alloy 1100 in aluminum foil, aluminum wire, and as aluminum sheet products.

1100 Aluminum Coil Applications


Heavy-Duty Structures And Components


Heat Exchanger Fins


Deep-Drawn Stamping Products


Chemical Equipment

Material Properties of 1100 Aluminum Alloy

Excellent Formability

Being one of the more commercially pure aluminum alloys, 1100 is not considered strong but is very high in formability. It is very soft in the annealed tempered state and is perfect for manufacturing applications where products are made from spinning, bending, stamping, roll forming, and drawing.

Can Be Hardened through Cold Working

1100 cannot undergo heat treatment although its hardness can be increased through cold working processes. The strength of aluminum 1100 can also be increased at subzero temperatures, and we can provide industrial-grade aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum sheet, and aluminum wire products at the tempering state required.

Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum 1100 coils have great thermal and electrical conductivity. The thermal characteristics are why it’s used extensively for manufacturing heat exchanger components such as fin stock and heat sinks used in electronic devices.

Good Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance of aluminum 1100 makes it useful in the production of heavy-duty structures and components that need to weather the elements. These are tank fittings used in plumbing applications, railroad car components, marine components, building materials, and even aircraft gun carriage parts.

Chemical Composition Of 1100 Aluminum Alloy

1050 Aluminum Sheet
ElementPercentage By Weight
Aluminum (Al)99.0 – 99.95%
Iron (Fe)0 – 0.95%
Silicon (Si)0 – 0.95%
Copper (Cu)0.05 – 0.20%
Manganese (Mn)0 – 0.05%
Zinc (Zn)0 – 0.1%
Other0 – 0.15%

Technical Specifications of 1050 Aluminum Alloy

Width (mm)40 – 1600
Thickness (mm)0.014 – 0.4
LengthAs Required
Tempered StateF/O/H14/H16/H18/H19/H22/H24/H26/H28
Aluminum Sheet Products from Inquivix Technologies


Operations Manager, Beverage Company

We’ve had a great partnership with Inquivix Technologies from the beginning. They have ensured that every batch of aluminum we received is of the same superior quality. The timely delivery of their products has greatly helped in keeping our production schedule on track.

Production Manager, Consumer Goods Company

Inquivix Technologies has been an exceptional supplier of aluminum that has consistently met our quality standards. Their on-schedule delivery, great customer service, and commitment to excellence have earned our trust and continued partnership.

Purchasing Manager, Packaging Industry

Inquivix Technologies has been an incredible partner as an aluminum supplier for our packaging operations. Working with them has allowed us to consistently meet our production timelines. Their customer service is outstanding, with a knowledgeable and responsive team. Overall, Inquivix Technologies has been an indispensable partner in our success, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration for many years to come.

Quality Control Technician, Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Inquivix Technologies undoubtedly stands out as one of the best suppliers we have worked with. They ensure that the products are high-quality and are always delivered on time, so that our production timeline is never compromised in any way.

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What Is 1050 Aluminum Alloy?

1050 aluminum is an alloy from the pure aluminum series of 1xxx which has an aluminum composition close to 99%. This means it is lower in strength but more resistant to corrosion than other alloy types. It also has high conductivity both electrically, and thermally. 1050 aluminum is very workable and its surface can be prepared easily for decorative or functional requirements.

What Is 1050 Aluminum Coil Used For?

1050 aluminum coil can be used to manufacture industrial chemical handling equipment, heat sinks, architectural flashing applications, signage, components in electric appliances, cable sheathing, and secondary battery components.

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