5052 Aluminum Coil

Among the many alloys of aluminum used today, 5052 aluminum is the strongest non-heat treatable alloy that is manufactured and has an impressively high fatigue resistance. This combined with other mechanical properties like weldability, good plasticity, excellent thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance, make the 5052 aluminum coil invaluable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

The 5052 aluminum coil supplied by Inquivix Technologies is used by our customers in everything from ship construction to manufacturing juice cans. We can deliver cost-effective aluminum sheet, and plate products in addition to the coil, all made to our customer specifications. Let us know the gauge, width, and tempering state you need, and we will ensure your 5052 coils are manufactured to the required tensile strength, yield strength, bendability, and other properties your application demands.

5052 Aluminum Coil Applications




Automotive, Aerospace, And Transportation


Architectural, Home, And Office Products


Beverage Cans

Material Properties Of 5052 Aluminum Alloy

High Fatigue Strength, Tensile Strength, And Yield Strength

5052 alloy primarily has magnesium and chromium as its alloying elements. It scores highly for strength and toughness when compared to other non-heat treatable alloys of aluminum. It also has high impact resistance and can handle fatigue from loads for long periods without failing. This makes 5052 very useful in demanding industrial applications.

Very Good Corrosion Resistance

The excellent corrosion resistance of 5052 combined with the strength characteristics mentioned earlier make it an ideal choice for marine environments where materials need to be protected from seawater and salt spray. Both the construction and working environment of ships like liquified natural gas tankers needs 5052 due to their failure-sensitive nature.

Exhibits Good Workability, Weldability, And Bendability

Our 5052 coils exhibit excellent workability, allowing them to be turned into intricate shapes if needed. While the level of elongation isn’t as high as other alloys like 3031, 5052 is still very bendable. While it shows poor machinability, 5052 does display good weldability, another reason for being used in shipbuilding.

Can Be Hardened Through Cold Working

While 5052 cannot be heat treated, it can be hardened through cold working (strain hardening) methods like rolling. Inquivix Technologies can supply 5052 aluminum coils in the tempering designation of your choice, to obtain the required hardness for your application.

Chemical Composition
Of 5052 Aluminum Alloy

1050 Aluminum Sheet
ElementPercentage By Weight
Magnesium (Mg)2.2% – 2.8%
Chromium (Cr)0.15% – 0.35%
Iron (Fe)0 – 0.4%
Silicon (Si)0 – 0.25%
Copper (Cu)0 – 0.1%
Manganese (Mn)0 – 0.1%
Zinc (Zn)0 – 0.1%
Aluminum (Al)The Remainder

Technical Specifications of 5052 Aluminum Coil

Width (mm)40 – 2600
Thickness (mm)0.014 – 8
LengthAs Required
Tempered StateF/O/H14/H16/H18/H19/H22/H24/H26/H28
Aluminum Sheet Products from Inquivix Technologies


Operations Manager, Beverage Company

We’ve had a great partnership with Inquivix Technologies from the beginning. They have ensured that every batch of aluminum we received is of the same superior quality. The timely delivery of their products has greatly helped in keeping our production schedule on track.

Production Manager, Consumer Goods Company

Inquivix Technologies has been an exceptional supplier of aluminum that has consistently met our quality standards. Their on-schedule delivery, great customer service, and commitment to excellence have earned our trust and continued partnership.

Purchasing Manager, Packaging Industry

Inquivix Technologies has been an incredible partner as an aluminum supplier for our packaging operations. Working with them has allowed us to consistently meet our production timelines. Their customer service is outstanding, with a knowledgeable and responsive team. Overall, Inquivix Technologies has been an indispensable partner in our success, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration for many years to come.

Quality Control Technician, Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Inquivix Technologies undoubtedly stands out as one of the best suppliers we have worked with. They ensure that the products are high-quality and are always delivered on time, so that our production timeline is never compromised in any way.

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What Is 5052 Aluminum Alloy?

5052 is an aluminum alloy belonging to the 5xxx series which has magnesium as its primary alloying element along with chromium. 5052 exhibits strength, particularly great resistance against fatigue, corrosion resistance, and weldability, and can be hardened through cold working.

What Is 5052 Aluminum Coil Used For?

5052 aluminum coil can be used for marine applications like boat construction, automotive components, architectural parts, fuel tanks, kitchen appliances, and carbonated beverage cans.

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