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A Leap Forward in Water Purification and Utility

Inquivix Technologies is proud to present its diverse range of Functional Water Systems, designed to elevate how you approach production tasks. Our innovative systems tap into the power of Ultrapure Water (UPW), an aggressive liquid medium valued for its high absorption properties. By infusing this UPW with various pure gasses, we achieve 'Functional Water,' a substance with adaptable properties designed to suit many industries. What sets our Functional Water Systems apart is the minimal chemical consumption involved, resulting in solutions that are not only more affordable but also eco-friendly. Featuring Ozone, Ammonia, and Hydrogen-based systems, each brings a unique set of advantages to the table. From semiconductor component cleaning to conditioning of wafer surfaces, our solutions provide cost-effective alternatives. Embrace the future of manufacturing with our Hydrogenated and Ultrapure Water Delivery Solutions, specifically tailored for semiconductor applications.

Ozone Water Supply System

Meet our Ozone Water Supply System, the epitome of green innovation, which replaces traditional chemicals like Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) with high-quality, high-concentration ozonated functional water. This advanced system enhances energy efficiency, curbs chemical waste, and reduces operating costs, all while ensuring substantial output for large-scale industrial applications.  Its user-friendly interface facilitates seamless performance tracking. Minimized wastewater production provides an eco-friendly solution for contaminant removal in wafer production. It is an optimal choice for sectors such as semiconductor, photovoltaic, and flat-panel display industries.

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Ammonia Hydrogen Water Supply System

Our Ammonia (NH4OH) Hydrogen Water Supply System revolutionizes water supply by replacing chemical-based processes with sustainable water-saving technology. This functional water unit balances compactness and high capacity, making it suitable for limited spaces while delivering high flow rates and concentrations.  The system's user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) simplifies operation and maintenance, promoting efficiency. Essential for applications like wafer cleaning, etching, and rinsing, it provides top-quality functional water with minimal chemical contaminants, making it an excellent choice for semiconductor production and other industrial processes.

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Hydrogen Water Supply System

Our Hydrogen Water Supply System offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional chemical cleaners. Its ultra-high purity and impressive high flow rate of 100 slpm ensure potent and efficient cleaning. The integrated, intuitive HMI touch panel automates operations while offering customization, reducing manual intervention, and streamlining the production process.  Because of its compactness, this system effortlessly integrates into existing lines, resulting in an eco-friendly, cost-effective hydrogen water supply system that minimizes waste. With reduced chemical and handling costs, it is an economical, sustainable solution fit for businesses of varying sizes.

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Ozone Water Killer System

This effectively sterilizes water and destroys ozone water released from industrial ozone water systems. This system is specially designed for the semiconductor industry's silicon wafer-cleaning process. The system can also be utilized in industrial and municipal water processing, as well as air and water treatment. With its compact design, this system effortlessly integrates into existing lines, resulting in an eco-friendly, cost-effective water supply system that minimizes waste. With reduced chemical and handling costs, it is an economical, sustainable solution fit for businesses of varying sizes.

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Our promise is uncompromised quality. Our range of functional water systems is produced following strict industry standards to ensure efficiency, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

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We distribute state-of-the-art functional water systems to businesses across industries that are built to meet their requirements.

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Our products are designed and manufactured in full compliance with semiconductor industry standards, ensuring safety, performance, and durability.

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Our customer service team is always ready to assist, support, and guide you. We provide you with an unmatched customer experience from the moment of initial contact and beyond the point of sale.

Applications / Industries

Explore the industries that can significantly benefit from our advanced Functional Water Systems.

Semiconductor Applications

Our systems play a vital role in the semiconductor industry, optimally designed for wet chemical cleaning and conditioning of wafer surfaces - a crucial process in most manufacturing sequences.

Wafer and
Chamber Cleaning

Capitalize on our highly efficient solutions for cleaning and surface preparation of thin films. As semiconductor etch and deposition steps rise, so does the reliance on our innovative cleaning processes, ensuring contamination-free surfaces.

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At Inquivix Technologies, we're dedicated to providing top-quality functional water supply systems. Our entire process is geared towards meeting your precise requirements. We don't stop at just delivering products; our commitment includes after-sales service and attentive customer support, ensuring your questions are addressed promptly and effectively. Your choice of Inquivix Technologies partners you with a team that goes beyond to drive your manufacturing success.