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Ozone destruct units are devices that use ultraviolet (UV) light to reduce the amount of excess ozone in water that has been used in various industrial applications. This is needed since high ozone concentration levels present a potential health hazard, and any wastewater that needs to be disposed of has to be treated first before releasing it into the environment.

The ozone destruct unit supplied by Inquivix Technologies can be used to treat up to 50 gallons per minute, is cost-effective, and is 50% more energy efficient than competing models. Our ozone destruct units are made for industries that need to treat water with high ozone concentration such as semiconductor, pharmaceutical, textile, healthcare, water treatment, food, and beverages.

Ozone Destruction System


Treat High Ozone Concentrations with Advanced UV Technology

UV light is utilized by the ozone destruct unit to make the ozone molecules break apart into individual oxygen atoms and oxygen molecules. The Inquivix Technologies ozone destruct units can process concentrations like 10 ppm, 20 ppm,30 ppm, and up to 100 ppm with a single UV lamp. The UV monitor that comes equipped with the system is also NIST traceable certified for accuracy.

High Flow Rate

The Inquivix Technologies ozone destruct units can handle a flow rate of up to 50 gallons per minute with a single UV lamp. Even with a single UV lamp, our ozone destruct system can deliver NSF Standard 50-certified water, which is considered clean for recreational use. Both the flow rate and ozone concentration can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

Real-Time Dosimetry

Our ozone destruct units come with real-time dosimetry which records data on radiation levels, allowing the user to more accurately control the UV light. 100% dosage is assured, and since there is only a single lamp, the system consumes less power than standard ozone destruct units. The Inquivix Technologies system has one of the coolest operating temperatures when compared to other destruct units.

Control Multiple Ozone Destruct Units

Our ozone destruct units can be remotely controlled by a compatible device through a network connection. Furthermore, multiple destruct units can be installed to process the excess ozone and be configured to be controlled through a single interface. These units can be mounted horizontally, or vertically depending on the space available at the location.

NIST Traceable Calibration

The Inquivix Technologies ozone destructor units carry the NIST traceable calibration certificate. This means the equipment could be calibrated to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards and any measurement results delivered have a high level of accuracy.


Energy-Saving Ozone Destruction

Even for high ozone levels, our ozone destruct unit only requires a single UV lamp to operate. With fewer lamps than other traditional systems, the Inquivix Technologies system consumes less power and has a relatively cool operating temperature. You could make up to 50% of energy savings from using our solution.

Environmentally Friendly

Our ozone destruct units can handle very high concentrations of ozone water that could be generated through many applications in the manufacturing industries. By converting the ozone into oxygen, you will be able to safely dispose of the waste materials without releasing any toxic substances into the environment.

Small Footprint and Flexible Installation

Fewer lamps also mean that the unit takes up 75% less space with a more compact design. Furthermore, our ozone destruct units can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, giving you more options to install them on your premises.


Up to four ozone destruct units can be controlled through a single interface. Furthermore, these systems may be monitored and controlled remotely through a PC via a network connection. The user interface is intuitive, and simple, and can even sound the alarm if the system detects any issues.

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What Is an Ozone Destructor?

An ozone destructor is a device that is used in manufacturing industries to treat ozone water used during production. The destructor unit works to break the toxic ozone molecules into harmless oxygen before releasing the wastewater into the environment.

How Do Ozone Destructors Work?

Some ozone destruct units utilize a catalyst material such as manganese dioxide to perform the ozone destruction. The Inquivix Technologies ozone destructor units utilize ultraviolet radiation to convert the ozone into oxygen.

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