7075 Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum alloy 7075 has zinc as its primary alloying element, which makes it one of the highest-strength aluminum alloys available today. The aluminum plate and sheet products made from 7075 are also very lightweight, allowing them to withstand high-stress situations like in aerospace applications. The 7075 alloy was first developed for use by Japanese military aircraft during World War II.

Inquivix Technologies can supply aluminum 7075 sheet products that are custom-made to your specifications with the dimensions, tensile strength, yield strength, and tempering needed. If your application involves highly stressed parts that require withstanding enormous amounts of fatigue and stress corrosion, then our 7075 sheets are perfect for this. Inquivix Technologies also offers aluminum plate, foil, and coil products for cost-effective prices.

7075 Aluminum Alloy Sheet Applications




Consumer Electronics


Golf Club Components


Gears and Shafts

Material Properties of Aluminum Alloy 7075

7075: One of the Highest Strength Aluminum Alloys

7075 aluminum is well known for its strength which is higher than mild steel. 7072 is very resistant to fatigue and stress corrosion, making the material a popular choice for making highly stressed components in aerospace applications. Aircraft parts such as wing panels, trusses, and spacers are made from 7075 aluminum sheets. These properties are also the reason 7075 is chosen to make gears and gear shafts.

Heat Treatment and Machinability

While the main alloying element of aluminum 7075 is zinc which increases its strength, the addition of the secondary element magnesium is what enables 7075 to be processed through heat treatment. This means that 7075 can be hardened even further to obtain an even tougher material. The machinability of 7075 is average at best, with processing needing to be done with precision and care.

Low Density

7075 has a low density, resulting in a very good strength-to-weight ratio. The material is lightweight which is one of the reasons aluminum 7075 is used in aerospace applications. The alloy is also used for making premium smartphone casings that are lightweight, as well as golf club components like golf club shafts and heads.

Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance of 7075 isn’t as good as some of the other purer alloys but is sufficient to be used in the manufacture of aircraft components.

Chemical Composition
Of Aluminum Alloy 7075

1050 Aluminum Sheet
ElementPercentage By Weight
Zinc (Zn)5.1 – 6.1%
Magnesium (Mg)2.1 – 2.9%
Copper (Cu)1.2 – 2.0%
Iron (Fe)0 – 0.5%
Silicon (Si)0 – 0.4%
Manganese (Mn)0 – 0.3%
Chromium (Cr)0 – 0.3%
Aluminum (Al)The Remainder

Technical Specifications of Aluminum Alloy 7075

Width (mm)20 – 2550
Thickness (mm)0.5 – 500
LengthAs Required
Tempered StateF/O/T6/T651/T7451/H11
FinishMill Finish
Aluminum Sheet Products from Inquivix Technologies


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What Is 7075 Aluminum Alloy?

7075 is an alloy of aluminum that contains zinc and magnesium as its main alloying elements. It’s one of the strongest alloys used to make lightweight aircraft components that can withstand large stresses. It can also be hardened through heat treatment. Inquivix Technologies can supply custom-made 7075 aluminum sheets to meet customer specifications at cost-effective prices.

What Are 7075 Aluminum Sheets Used For?

7075 aluminum sheets can be used to manufacture aircraft components like wing panels, high-end mobile phone casings, golf clubs, gears, and gear shafts.

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