3003 Aluminum Sheet

3003 aluminum is one of the purer aluminum alloy types used commercially. It retains the workability and excellent corrosion resistance of 1000 series alloys but with manganese as the primary element, 3003 is 20% stronger. Our aluminum alloy 3003 sheets can be machined and welded to create products for a wide range of heavy-duty applications from chemical storage tanks to building wall panels.

Inquivix Technologies aluminum sheets can be custom-made to your desired specifications and unique project requirements. We can deliver anywhere in the world and our products are available at competitive prices. Apart from aluminum sheet products, we also have a portfolio that contains aluminum plate, foil, and coil products as well as new scrap.

Aluminum Alloy 3003 Sheet Applications


Pressure Vessels and Chemical Tanks


Battery Enclosures


Automotive Heat Shields


Wide Curtain Wall Panels

Material Properties of Aluminum Alloy 3003

Essentially Commercially Pure Aluminum

Although it is one of the purer aluminum alloys, the presence of manganese makes it 20% stronger than alloys in the 1000 series of aluminum. 3003 products cannot be strengthened by heat treatment but can be hardened through cold working. Aluminum plate and sheet products made from 3003 are available at a variety of temper states with different levels of tensile strength on each. 3003 is also lightweight, making it useful for electric vehicle (EV) battery enclosures.

High Plasticity, Workability, and Machinability

The plasticity of alloy 3003 is high, making it one of the most bendable aluminum alloys. The workability is also impressive, allowing products to be processed by being brazed, deep drawn, spun, or welded through conventional welding methods. Soldering is also possible, although this is limited to the torch method. 3003 aluminum plate and sheet products are high in machinability as well, exhibiting no deformation during cutting.

Very Good Corrosion Resistance

Since aluminum 3003 has very low amounts of alloying elements, it retains the corrosion resistance characteristics of purer aluminum alloys. This allows aluminum plate and sheet products made from 3003 to resist the corrosive effects of seawater, the atmosphere, food, gasoline, organic acids, and inorganic solutions. This makes it perfect for storing chemicals and decorative building exteriors.

High Thermal Conductivity and Low Emissivity

Aluminum 3003 sheets have high thermal conductivity and low emissivity. This makes the sheet products useful for making automobile heat shields which are designed to isolate the engine block to protect other internal components and bodywork from heat damage. Aluminum heat shields made from alloys like 3003 could withstand continuous temperatures as high as 650°C.

Chemical Composition of Aluminum Alloy 3003

1050 Aluminum Sheet
ElementPercentage By Weight
Aluminum (Al)96.8 – 99%
Manganese (Mn)1.0 – 1.5%
Iron (Fe)0 – 0.7%
Silicon (Si)0 – 0.6%
Copper (Cu)0.05 – 0.20%
Zinc (Zn)0 – 0.1%
Other0 – 0.15%

Technical Specifications of Aluminum Alloy 3003 Sheets

Width (mm)10 – 26500
Thickness (mm)0.1 – 500
Length400 – 8000
Tempered StateO/H14/H18/H24
Aluminum Sheet Products from Inquivix Technologies


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What Is 3003 Aluminum Alloy?

3003 is an alloy that retains many of the properties of commercially pure aluminum such as corrosion resistance and workability while being moderately strong through the presence of its main alloying element manganese. It cannot be heat treated but can be hardened through cold working. Inquivix Technologies supplies 3003 as aluminum sheet, plate, coil, and foil products.

What Is 3003 Aluminum Sheet Used For?

Aluminum alloy 3003 sheets can be used for a variety of industrial applications such as chemical storage tanks, pressure vessels, electric vehicle battery enclosures, automobile heat shields, and decorative wall panels in building exteriors.

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