1235 Aluminum Foil

Alloy 1235 has a fairly high aluminum content compared to other foil alloy types. It has a nearly identical chemical composition and the same physical attributes as another very similar alloy called 1145. However, aluminum alloy 1235 is fast replacing 1145 as the foil alloy of choice for many manufacturers in the packaging and electronics industries.

Alloy 1235 foil products can be supplied by Inquivix Technologies in the standard tempers, thickness, and width you specify. We can customize the foil alloy to suit the unique requirements of our clients and we can deliver anywhere in the world. Whether it’s cost-effective aluminum foil tapes, common lithium battery foils, or packaging foils for meat and food products, our aluminum alloy 1235 foils will get the job done.

Aluminum Alloy 1235 Foil Applications


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Industrial Uses

Material Properties of Foil Alloy 1235

Mechanical Abilities

Alloy 1235 has some of the highest aluminum content among the foil alloys. It’s an excellent alloy that is lightweight and high in ductility, allowing manufacturers to shape it into many different forms easily. The impressive flexibility of the material is why it’s used to make everything from the cathode foil in a lithium-ion battery to a disposable food package.

Barrier Performance

Foil made from alloy 1235 can act as a barrier with high light, aroma, and moisture resistance. Since the external environment won’t affect the contents, the alloy is perfect for packaging food and other perishable items that need to be protected from air, water, and light. It also helps that alloy 1235 has stable chemical properties, making it tasteless, non-toxic, and safe for consumers.

Good Corrosion Resistance and Surface Properties

Aluminum alloys are typically great at corrosion resistance. They do this by forming an oxide layer on the surface which provides oxidation resistance. This oxide layer also has dielectric properties which makes it useful for making capacitor components. The surface of the foil could be colored with dyes or metallic salts, making it useful in creating decorative packaging for consumable products.

Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

The electrical properties of alloy 1235 make it suitable for making cathode foils in secondary batteries. The thermal properties of 1235 mean that foil has both low-temperature resistance allowing it to be used in cold packaging, and high-temperature resistance, allowing it to be used in cooking at home.

Chemical Composition Of Aluminum Alloy 1235

1050 Aluminum Sheet
ElementPercentage By Weight
Aluminum (Al)99.35%
Silicon + Iron 
(Si + Fe)
0 – 0.65%
Copper (Cu)0 – 0.05%
Magnesium (Mg)0 – 0.05%
Manganese (Mn)0 – 0.05%
Zinc (Zn)0 – 0.10%
Titanium (Ti)0 – 0.06%
Other0 – 0.03%

Technical Specifications of Aluminum Alloy 1235 Foil

Width (mm)10 – 1600
Thickness (mm)0.014 – 0.2
LengthAs Required
Tempered StateO/H12/H14/H16/H18
Aluminum Sheet Products from Inquivix Technologies


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What Is Aluminum Alloy 1235?

Aluminum 1235 is an alloy that has a very high composition of aluminum and belongs to the 1xxx series of aluminum alloys. Alloy 1235 is very flexible and lightweight. It has great barrier performance, is resistant to corrosion, and has useful surface properties. It is also a good conductor of electricity and heat.

What Is 1235 Aluminum Foil Used For?

1235 aluminum foil is great for manufacturing lithium-ion battery cathodes, capacitor foils, household foils, and packaging consumables such as food items. It can also be used to make cable foil, aluminum foil tape, and many other industrial applications.

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